We make our wines by hand to honor the traditions of this diverse place, with a craftsmanship that produces the highest-quality premium wines.

     We are extremely hands-on and our vision is uncompromising, therefore we believe small-lot winemaking is the best way to get the most out of Puget Sound/Nisqually Valley fruit. This means we pick, ferment and age each of our fruit and vineyard lots separately, preserving their uniqueness throughout the winemaking process and giving the winemaker ultimate control to craft the optimal taste.

     We hand-pick almost all of our fruit and grapes as possible, ensuring we carefully select only the best fruit. We know the history of the land and the fruit, and nothing is picked until our Winemaker tastes it.

     After harvesting at the peak of flavor, each lot is fermented and kept separate, to preserve the unique flavors created by the terroir of each vineyard and fruit crop. This allows us to give each parcel the individualized treatment it needs to bring out the maximum expression of flavor. We have more than 30 individual lots that we ferment in glass carboys, so it’s no small task to treat each separately. We taste each carboy at least once a week.

     At the end of the process, the broad palette that our Winemaker has to work with unlocks an incredible amount of power to her. This small lot approach lets us adapt quickly while bringing each wine to its full potential to showcase layers of subtle complexity and superb balance. As a result, every Mountain Creek Cellar wine – whether Blackberry, Blueberry, Jalapeno or Pinot Noir – is dependable in quality and consistently delicious.