Our Philosophy

"In vino veritas"....in wine there is truth

     The life-cycle of making wine started at the very beginning when we planted our first vineyard. Making sure each plant is attended to builds the relationship while watching it grow and interestingly enough, provides a level of comfort and joy. Then harvest time comes, making the wine and tasting it during the many months it develops. Once it is ready, and you have the first glass or two, the truth unfolds to something absolutely beautiful. 


Being passionate about making wine is only one aspect of why we began our winery.  The estate is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Rainier and the beauty of nature provides great energy and peace there.  We simply want to share this experience with others. We hope to have our tasting room and trails open to the public in the near future so that our visitors can breathe fresh mountain air, sip wine, and feel refreshed.